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Free book of the day was created by Steven Hall, to work in conjunction with Auto Affiliate Program to assist people in distributing high quality ebooks.

Steven Hall is a NLP practitioner, hypnotherapist, spiritual healer, Law of Attraction coach, author of several books on personal development and spiritual growth... and an obsessive and successful Internet Marketing Entrepreneur.

Every action that Steven takes in firmly grounded in his own spiritual beliefs and goals. Over the past decade he has been actively helping people awaken to their spiritual purpose and firmly believes that to be spiritually healthy one must be abundant in all areas of life... including financial.

Steven's views challenge the conventionally accepted belief that 'money is the root of all evil' and he actively encourages and empowers people to attract wealth into their life.

Steven says...

"Focusing on debt, struggle, poverty and lack only creates more of the same. My goal and the primary reason for creating the Auto Affiliate Program system is to give people the power and ability to attract abundance into their life. A healthy flow of wealth shifts the primary focus away from survival and allows people to realise and live their true purpose.

Awakening people to their true purpose as spiritual beings having a human experience is the driving force that motivates me. As we move ever closer to the consciousness shifts that are already happening to us and our planet, shifting the global consciousness out of fear is of paramount importance.

Right now, one of the most effective ways to empower people and give them back their freedom is to increase their abundance. Having enough money eliminates the stress of survival mode, having an abundance of money transforms your life. Most people work 40+ hours each week, come home exhausted and have precious little time left to focus on what's important.

I have specifically designed Auto Affiliate Program in such a way that it will provide a passive monthly income with minimum effort.

My goal is a spiritual one, every single person that joins this system has the opportunity to very easily eliminate one of the greatest stressors from their life. This change is not an individual experience, removing stress from the global consciousness of mankind affects everybody. Many people will also go on to use this system as a primary source of income, which will free up their time and allow them to focus on things that really matter; family, friends, good causes and spiritual growth.

If you decide to join Auto Affiliate Program then don't allow my spiritual beliefs, goals and ideas to taint your perception of this system. I'm not going to try to convert anybody to my way of thinking and you won't find any other mention of my true purpose on the site other than this message. If you're not remotely spiritual... and don't want to be, then just see this as a fantastic opportunity to make some money."







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